External registered domain setup


I just registered external domain and updated its A record to point to my linode IP.

If I use curl from cli on linode it works but when I use browser, site is not reachable.

I have configured nginx to listen to domain in server_name. Other domain on same linode is working fine but that one has Linode name servers configured.

Do I need to something else also?


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Nevermind, stupid mistake. 443 was blocked. I enabled and it started working.
Is IP assigned to node is static though?

Glad to hear you figured this out!

Each newly deployed Linode is assigned an IPv4 and IPv6 address. The IPv4 can be changed, under certain circumstances, but the IPv6 is configured at the MAC level and cannot be changed. With Network Helper enabled, your static IPv4 address and gateway are automatically configured upon booting your Linode.

If you want to manually configure your static IP addresses, we have a great guide that can take you through the process.

If you need an additional IPv4 address, just open a Support ticket and we'll be happy to look into getting that set up for you. Please note that we do require technical justification for an additional IPv4, so be sure to share your use-case when you reach out. If an IPv6 pool is needed, you can request that in a Support ticket as well. Extra IPv4 addresses cost $1 per month, while IPv6 pools have no additional cost.


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