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I'm trying to set up a DSR load balancer on Linode using LVS-DR but am struggling to get it to work. While my networking isn't particularly strong, everything seems like it should work, but my real servers don't appear to be seeing any traffic and I'm having trouble debugging this.

Is there anything in your infrastructure that would prevent me from doing this? Anything else that I might be missing that I need to watch out for?

If I can provide anything else that might help, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

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With LVS-DR, the incoming packets are rewritten, changing the MAC address from the virtual MAC to the address of one of the real servers and then forwarded to there. The replies from the real server are rewritten and returned to the client with the MAC address changed from the real server MAC address to the virtual MAC.

This configuration won't be successful on a Linode. As we take the security of our platform seriously, we have security measures in place to prevent MAC address and IP spoofing that prevent this configuration from working properly. You can review our platform security and compliancy, here.

We do provide the ability to set up alternate networking configurations, which you can view here:

How to Use HAProxy for Load Balancing

Getting Started With Nodebalancers

Use Nginx As A Front End Proxy And Software Load Balancer

Linux Static IP Configuration

We hope that helps clear up the issue you were encountering.


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