What does a users limited access give you

In granting a user limited access, will this give them the ability to update content and make minor changes to the web pages?

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There are two types of limited user that you might be referring to, so I'll cover both.

Linode Account limited users

Limited users for your Linode account will only have access to the services and account details that you set for them. You can allow permissions for the full account, specific Linodes, billing information, etc.

You can read more about adding additional users and setting permissions in the Users and Permissions section of our Accounts and passwords guide.

Linux limited users

Creating limited users for your Linodes themselves works a bit differently. These users will only have access to the Linode for which they have been created. They'll need to connect to the Linode directly, via SSH, to make changes to your website's content and configuration.

There is a lot of information to cover here, but we've got another great guide that will break down some of the intricacies of Linux Users and Groups.


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