Memory doesn't match my plan size

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I resized my Linode to a bigger sized plan but the memory showing for my server doesn't match my plan size. I checked this using the "free -mh" command. Why is this the case?

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I would check the memory setting under the configuration profile that you are booting your server under. There is a memory setting and it sounds like you have this set to a lower setting.From the Cloud Manager interface, you'll need to do the following to check this setting:

  1. Click on your Linode and select the "Settings" tab
  2. Expand the "Advanced Configuration" option
  3. Location your configuration profile and click the three buttons to the right of it and select "Edit"
  4. From here, you should see a "Memory Limit" setting. Verify that this settings matches the memory size of your server's plan. If not, you can change this and save the changes.

This is the same for our Classic Manager interface, but the steps are a bit different. You'll still need to edit the configuration profile that you are booting your server under but changing the memory setting is easier and quicker. The memory limit option is configured under the "Boot Settings".


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