why is my server running but website is not responding?

My website is not responding and it takes a long time to show any result. my server is running fine, however, I can't find the problem.

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Hi there,

If you're having trouble with website response time, there are a few great places to look for the issue.

Your logs will often provide you with the best answers. You can usually find them in /var/log/. You'll see various kernel and system logs that could indicate the source of any issues.

Another useful tool to troubleshoot will be the Lish console. You can access The Linode Shell (Lish) to print out a view of your server's logs with the command:

ssh -t [manager-username]@lish-[location].linode.com [linode-name] logview

I would recommend taking a look at this previous post on Website Performance, as it goes into heavy detail about a variety of factors that might impact your web-server.

Another useful resource is Google's PageSpeed Tools. This will analyze your website to find specific areas where you could improve performance.

At Linode, we have a Professional Services Team that can take a closer look at your server if you are interested. You can reach out to them for a free quote at any time.

If you are still running into issues, feel free to share any specific issues you are having as a response to this question, and someone in the community will be happy to take a look at it!


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