Very High Load, but very low CPU and RAM usage

Hi there,

I'm running a Docker Swarm with 4 worker nodes, each a 16GB Linode.

They all have load balanced traffic with equal weight and running the same apps.

However, one worker always seems to have a load of between 7 and 20, but it's CPU usage is never more than 90% (there are 6 CPUs, so that's really low) and memory is always at less than 30%).

None of other Linodes have this problem - they're running identical processes too and Disk IO and Network IO is pretty much the same.

Any idea what can cause this? What do I need to look for to try and figure out what may be causing this?

Thank you.

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Hey there,

In this case we highly recommend opening up a ticket through your Cloud Manager. We are better equipped to offer guidance and insight when we are able to review your host and your Linodes' to look for inconsistencies.

You can open up a ticket from your Cloud Manager with the Get Help Section on the bottom left hand menu section by opening up a Customer Support ticket.


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