Correct setup for cname working with keycdn

I am stuck in setting up cname records at linode, I can not activate it.
My settings for cname are:

host as cdn
aliases to as

Need I setting up nginx too?

any help will be great :)

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Linode Staff

It depends on what your end goal is. DNS will work for a domain even if the content for that domain isn't hosted on a Linode. However, you'll need at least one Linode on your account to use our DNS Manager. If you remove the last Linode from your account then the DNS Manager will stop serving DNS records for your domain. Once you add a new Linode it'll serve the DNS records once more.

I'd recommend checking out our guide on using the DNS Manager to make sure the records are set up as you need them.

My goal is just to server static content from cdn at keycdn.

Considering my linode's default setup for domain and adding under cname records: CNAME

It does not work :( does resolve nothing, even though it appears not activated.

What am I missing?


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