CentOS7 instance: Failed to execute /sbin/init, giving up: Permission denied

We are running CentOS7, with CWP7, Apache and PHP.

We messed up our root file system and now our Linode is not starting up.

A couple of symbolic links went missing:

lib64 -> usr/lib64
bin -> usr/bin

We created the simlinks again, but now we get this error when trying to startup the instance.

[3.258737] EXT4-fs (sda): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
[3.492324] systemd-journald[88]: Received SIGTERM from PID 1 (systemd).
[3.506808] systemd[1]: Failed to execute /sbin/init, giving up: Permission denied

We've checked out the directory mentioned, but it seems to have the correct permissions, and we did not change that particular directory.

The log is not very helpful in this case, because the kernel is not currently running.

Any help on resolving this issue is appreciated

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Hey there,

We recommend that you run your Linode in [Rescue Mode] and complete a filesystem check. If you aren't familiar with filesystem checks, this guide offers some additional information.

That should clear any errors remaining as a result of changes to the root filesystem. Next we recommend that you boot normally into the Grub2 kernel and see if the problem persists. If so, please let us know the results of the filesystem check and any new errors you encounter after rebooting.

Tara T
Linode Support Team

Hello @ttailor,

We ran de fileSystem Check, but Finnix runs a distribution closer to Ubuntu than to CentOS, this did not solved the issue or give us any pointer on how to solve the problem.

When we restart, the container startups and becomes green in the linode panel, but the system is hanged: it does not work and goes back to red.


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