Will Linode offer a cloud firewall?

Is Linode planning on offering a feature like DigitalOcean's cloud-based firewall? We're heavily invested in Linode and would love a feature like this!


  • Operates at the network level, so blocked traffic never reaches the servers.
  • Rules are managed in the web portal.
  • Configurations can be applied to machines via role-based tags.
  • Changes apply instantly to all machines.

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@wshweb - Thanks for expressing your interest in this. This is a feature we are discussing implementing, though I don't have a timeline for you yet. I've added your request for this to our internal tracker in the meantime.

We would also love this feature. We have some additional machines we would migrate to Linode if this were available.

Cloud Firewalls are on our roadmap, though we don't have an ETA to share yet.

Any future announcements regarding this will be made on our blog:


I'd like to see this also, even if it's a paid addon. Having the ability to block IPs, protocols, ports, etc., higher up from the VM would be very nice to have for certain things in case the OS firewall gets stopped or cleared for some unforeseen circumstance.

Thanks for adding some context on what you're hoping to see from a Cloud Firewall offering, @Mike1259. I've added your interest to our internal feature request tracker. As Joe mentioned before, stay tuned to our blog for any future news related to this and other offerings.


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