Linode CLI returning "API unavailable: 301 Moved Permanently"?

I use the Linode CLI from my home Linux box to update some DNS records periodically. Sometime today, every call seems to fail with the same error: "API unavailable: 301 Moved Permanently". I'm wondering if this is just happening for me, if anyone else is having this issue, if it might be related to today's outages, or if it might be something else. It's only started happening within the past few hours. The "301 Moved Permanently" part makes me think it's not a server outage but a change to the API endpoint, and that the CLI version in the Fedora repos might be out of date/not handling redirects properly.

Client box is running Fedora 30 with all the latest updates.

$ linode -v
linode-cli 1.4.5
Copyright (C) 2015 Linode, LLC
$ rpm -q linode-cli

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Today, we began redirecting to the documentation for APIv4. It seems an old endpoint for APIv3, that some utilities (like the deprecated CLI for APIv3) expect to work, got caught in the crossfire.

We just adjusted the redirection to account for that endpoint and I've verified this issue is resolved when using the deprecated CLI. While I'd encourage you to use the new Linode CLI, you should be able to use the old one once again.

I installed the copy of the CLI from my distro (Fedora 30), so aside from the version information listed above, I have no idea which version of the API it's using. Will this newer version of the CLI be pushed out to the different distro repos, or do I need to install it from elsewhere?


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