Can I call Private Stackscripts using the API?


Is it possible for users to use the api to call my private stackscript if I grant access through oauth2?

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Hey there! Yes, it is indeed possible. Under the StackScripts portion of our APIv4 documentation, there is a note that states:

If the request is not authenticated, only public StackScripts are returned.

Accordingly, authenticating your request with your OAuth or APIv4 token will also return private StackScripts. You can then include an X-Filter header to only return private StackScripts and proceed from there. Here's an example call that will only return your private StackScripts:

curl "" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \
    -H 'X-Filter: {"is_public": false}'

Note: I've edited the title of this post and added some tags to make it easier to find for others.


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