Using the Linode plugin for Certbot

I'm curious about using dns-linode plugin for Certbot to obtain a wildcard cert. My biggest question is when the TXT record will propagate. If I create a TXT record using the API, that TXT record does not respond to a DIG request until about 2 minutes past the next quarter hour, so how can the plugin work?

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Hey there,

The dns_linode plugin automates the process of completing a dns-01 challenge (DNS01) by creating, and subsequently removing, TXT records using the Linode API. It does still require normal propogation periods.

Linode updates its first DNS every 15 minutes and we allow some extra time for the update to reach the other 5 servers (so twenty five minutes is generally sufficient). You can set the number of seconds before DNs propogation is checked in the CLI:


You can set those seconds to a time interval you prefer for your automated process.

Tara T
Linode Support Team


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