Does IP Sharing require me to set up keepalived myself?

I'm investigating high-availability setups and found Linode's IP Sharing:

As I understand it, I can:

  1. Set up a replica of my main server
  2. Use IP Sharing to share the main server's IP with the replica

In the case of failure on the main server, the replica will take over the IP.

My question is: do I need to set up keepalived myself on the two servers, or does Linode do it for me under-the-hood when I enable IP Sharing?

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You'd have to set up some mechanism yourself to bring up the failover IP address (which should be a second IP address, open a ticket to get one) on the secondary system, whether that is keepalived or something else. Linode has no way of doing this for you, as they have no access to the internals of your Linode.

Bit confused what you mean by failover address being a second IP.

My goal is to have a server always available at my main IP. If the main server goes down, I don’t understand how the failover/second IP comes into play here to achieve this result.

Do you mean that the replica server has its own IP (by default) and that I need to configure its failover/secondary IP to be the IP of the main?

Can you do IPv6 sharing?
The UI does not seem to allow it.


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