Debian 10 on Linode (before release, no Linode image yet)

Is it possible to install Debian 10 on a new linode? I'm starting a new project and it makes sense to use Buster since release is imminent.

Are there any downsides to doing it before Linode has an image available?

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Hey there,

You are very welcome to Install a Custom Distribution to a new Linode.

The only disadvantage that comes to mind is the time and effort required to install a custom distribution rather than a provided Image.

We do provide a guide to Upgrade Debian to the Newest Release although we generally don't recommend inline upgrades.

We hope that helps!

Tara T
Linode Support Team

dubidub, We just wanted to update you and the rest of the Community. We don't know if you saw the announcement, but Debian 10 is now an available for deployment from Linode! :)

Thank you @rdaniels !!

I came by to check and see when I'd be able to use that newDebian release and lo and behold, it's good to go. Thank you.


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