How can I setup DKIM for a Subdomain while using the DNS Manager?

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I am setting up DKIM. It works for my domain,

# opendkim-testkey -d -s 201901

However when I try to use DKIM for my subdomain,, I get an error:

# opendkim-testkey -d -s 201902

opendkim-testkey: '' record not found

My zone looks like this (I have removed main entries for clarity) : [1245900]
$TTL 86400
@    IN  SOA 2019072781 14400 14400 1209600 86400
@        NS
@        NS
@        NS
@        NS
@        NS
@            MX  10
201901._domainkey  TXT 300 ("v=DKIM1\059 h=sha256\059 s=email\059 p="klasdjflajkhafrhjbvcjahvjh..." "klasdjflajkhafrhjbvcjahvjhHGkjhdh..." )
201902._domainkey  TXT 300 ("v=DKIM1\059 h=sha256\059 s=email\059 p="klasdjflajkhafrhjbvcjahvjh..." "klasdjflajkhafrhjbvcjahvjhHGkjhdh..." )

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In order to create a DKIM record for the subdomain in the DNS Manager, you will first need to create a new domain in the DNS Manager for

The Linode Cloud Manager does not support the addition of a subdomain on top of an existing subdomain in the same domain zone. For example, if you have as a domain with an A record for, you cannot create within that same domain zone.

Instead, add the subdomain to the Cloud Manager as a separate domain with its own domain zone and DNS records. Then add an A/AAAA record for the second-level subdomain. In the previous example, you would create a domain zone named, the create an A/AAAA record with hostname another inside of it.

You can then put your 201902._domainkey TXT record in the zone.

For more information, see

I hope this helps!!


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