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I am using this app for Android and wondering who does it. Everything works except it never shows any graphs for activity under CPU, Traffic or I/O. Everything else works. I can reboot or shutdown. I haven't tried resizing. Lish connection is refused. I wonder if it has something to do with firewalls or the app isn't working. I suppose I could look maybe in failban. Thanks in advance.

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Hey @craigkeefner,

We've deprecated our mobile apps for iOS and Android. Your best bet for a solid mobile experience is to use to interact with your Linode services, as our new Cloud Manager has been developed to work and look great on mobile devices. You can read a bit more about using our Cloud Manager at the following link.


Edit: This post has been updated to include the correct URL for viewing the Cloud Manager page on the website.

Ok but, moderate issue…

What about getting push notifications to my phone so that I can catch suspicious activity in my linodes?

Hi danhab99,

it doesn't answer your question about notification, but you can try that on Android :

@danhab99 You can configure email alerts in Cloud Manager for some notifications. Then, you can setup push notifications with your email application so that you receive an alert when the emails are received. You may be able to find a more tailored application in this article.

Hope this gives you some useful options!


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