Installing Plex on Debian 8 and Browsing the web via my Linode

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I'd like to use my Linode for streaming. How do I install Plex on Debian 8? I'd also like to surf the internet through my Linode's Private IP. How do I do that?

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We have an excellent guide for installing Plex on Ubuntu 18.04. The same instructions would apply for Debian 8, except you'd want to update the wget command to get the latest version:


Your Linode's Private IP is for fast and secure connections between Linodes located in the same data center. It is not accessible from outside the datacenter, and cannot be used to access the internet. That said, you can configure your Linode to act as a VPN, enabling you to browse the internet via your Linode's public IP from your local computer. I'd recommend installing OpenVPN, though there are many options available.


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