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I've just provisioned a cluster with the Rancher tutorial. However it seems like the ccm-linode daemonset doesnt want to schedule.

Public gist of kubectl logs:

Am I just impatient and should I wait. Or is something wrong with the deployment?

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If this is test cluster then you may want to destroy this and rebuild fresh (run through the tutorial from the top). A common place to get hung up is the cluster configuration, when provisioning a cluster.

You may want to compare your YAML configuration with Linodes completed YAML Snippet. You may also want to double check that fields like token and region match up with your Node Template.

If the issue still persists after the redeployment or you want to continue diagnosing your current cluster, you can view more information on hanging daemons or pods with the kubectl describe command:

kubectl --namespace=kube-system describe daemonset ccm-linode
kubectl --namespace=kube-system describe daemonset <daemon-name>
kubectl --namespace=kube-system describe pod <pod-name>

If you are continuing to run into issues with the Linode CCM or any other pods/daemons it would help troubleshoot to provide the output of kubectl describe of the erroneous processes. To keep the formatting of your logs you may want to create a public gist and post the link.

This question came from me and I just wanted to let you know that I've 'fixed' it for my deployment.

As Austin said destroying the cluster and starting from the top is the easiest to try, however this was not an option for me. After some more digging it seems that the daemonset wasn't scheduling because of taints.

As far as I could see, the daemonset should schedule, because the master/control plane didn't have any taints that the daemonset didn't tolerate. Anyhow I've solved it by changing the tolerations of the daemonset to tolerate everything as described on this kubernetes page.

There are two special cases:

  • An empty key with operator Exists matches all keys, values and effects which means this will tolerate everything.
- operator: "Exists"


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