What is spamvertisement?

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I received a spamvertisement ticket. What's that?

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Spamvertisement is very similar to spam. The difference is a spamvertisement report gets sent to Linode when an email—or other message—that’s marked as spam, includes a link to a website that’s hosted on our platform.

Spamvertisement is important to address, because we want to make sure sites on our platform aren't assisting spammers.

The steps for handling a spamvertisement report are similar to a regular spam report. The only difference is the mailing campaign that needs to be investigated is not on our platform. Another difference is that removing the reported link from your server may be an option. The latter option is especially relevant if you’re not aware that a particular website is being served from your Linode. Sometimes this happens after a server has been compromised.

If you think the spamvertisement is related to a system compromise, you’ll need to take additional steps to find the source of the compromise and secure your server.

There are also times when spammers include links to unrelated websites, in order to add legitimacy to their spam. This can help them get around spam filters. If you think that’s what has happened to you, definitely let us know so our support team can investigate further.


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