What do Linode Backups backup and can I rely on it as my only backup solution?

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Will the Linode Backups Service also backup my applications? Can I rely on this service and my only backup solution or should I still make local backups?

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Great questions! The Linode Backups Service creates a file level backup of your Linode’s entire disk, including any files, applications, and services. In the event you need to restore from a backup all this data is brought back, eliminating the need to reinstall your applications and minimizing downtime. As wonderful as the Linode Backups Service is there are some limitations. Rather then get into that here I have included links to our documentation below where you can read more.



A well rounded backup solution should always include multiple options, avoiding a single point of failure. For this reason I would never suggest relying on just one service. Instead consider using Linode Backups to supplement you backup solution and provide redundancy.


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