Which is worse - a question about nginx and apache - compare two use cases please?

I'm sure it's been talked about a lot before; but, as with any large body of information, it can be tough to navigate. What do you think..

Is it -worse- (performance, security, or functionality wise) to use both apache as well as nginx or to just use nginx?

And, concerning static web sites (eg: wordpress or other), is there less functionality if nginx is used alone?


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Ps: I am not trying to start a war. I'm just wanting informed opinions that can be backed up. I, with my very limited understanding on the topic, have somehow landed on the belief that it's best to use both - but - then I've also heard that nginx can do perfectly well (even with static content) on its own.

Thanks for taking the trouble to inform me more.



I guess my first consideration is with maintenance. I'm not doing anything that requires a large degree of performance (not to the point of splitting hairs). I just didn't want to take a BIG hit in any of the big 3 areas mentioned. Obviously it would be faster, easier, and less error prone to use just one. Idk if apache can handle web applications very well though and that's where looking at nginx came into play in the first place.


Thanks anyway but I think I've made a decision. I'll be migrating to niginx + unit for everything; and, if need be, figure out how to contribute and or make my own for anything I need that they don't already have. I doubt it's very likely I would run into that problem very soon though, so..

Hey, thanks


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