Is paying with paypal option gone?

As of today I do not have an option to pay with my paypal account, only with credit card. Is paying with paypal option gone or is it disabled somehow and if yes how can I enable it again?

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It appears to still be there when I look.
In the new manager at, it's under 'Account' on the left, Billing Info tab, then expand 'Make a Payment'. There's a Credit Card/Paypal radio button (it defaults to credit card, click 'Paypal' to switch it).

In the old manager at it's still there on the Account main tab, Make A Payment subtab.

I don't have the paypal button. I have been paying with paypal for at least two years and now the paypal button is gone on my "account/make a payment" page. That is why I am confused.

In the end I went to the old page and there I found the paypal option so I solved it temporarily. I still don't know why the paypal button on my page is gone.

That's a bit unusual. I'd recommend opening a ticket. From there, myself or another member of the support team can take a look and make sure that PayPal payments are working in the Cloud Manager.


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