How do I make a TXT record more than 255 characters long?

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How do I make a TXT record more than 255 characters long?

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In order to apply a TXT record longer than the 255 character limit, you must “concatenate” multiple strings of characters together. To do this, I would recommend opening up a text editor and placing in your 255+ character DNS record. Once you have the full record in the text editor, place quotes around the first 250 or so characters. This will section off the first set of characters into their own string. Do this again for the next section of your record and repeat for every chunk of about 250 characters thereafter. Be sure to put a space in between the quotes for each set of strings. For instance, if your TXT record is 700 characters long, it would be best to section off each string to be around 233 characters.


“xxxx....xxxx” “xxxx....xxxx” “xxxx....xxxx”

Once you have the record concatenated into multiple strings of less than 255 characters, you can go ahead and copy the whole record and paste it into the DNS Manager of your Cloud Manager. Your concatenated TXT record should now be accepted by the DNS Manager.

The following documentation pages will give you further directions on how to manage and configure DNS records.


DNS Manager

Common DNS Configurations

Update: Our DNS Manager will now automatically split txt values longer than 255 and wrap the resulting strings in double quotes. You will not need to do this manually. Simply insert the complete string into the txt value field and hit save.


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