How do I add an A record to point to my root domain?

I can point to my linode. But won't work for some reason.

I've done this before (I think) by adding a "@" as the hostname when adding the A record. But when I try adding this in the Linode DNS manager, it says the "@" is an invalid character.

The weird thing is, the IP address that the root domain directs to is totally different to any of the addresses that are in the A/AAAA records. I have waited over 24 hours for propagation. Am I missing something?

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Have you tried leaving it blank? I think that should do the trick for you since leaving it blank is the equivalent of using '@'.

I'll try it out, thanks a lot for the quick response. Edit: It worked, thanks again

Bumped into the same issue… Maybe it would be good to add to the docs?


@frantic0 - I agree. I've asked our Docs team to add a line to our DNS Manager guide stating to leave the hostname blank in place of @. Thanks for your feedback!


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