Can't start/connect to Linode

Bear with me because I'm very new at all this. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but when I try to launch one of my linodes, the lish console shows a bunch of messages about starting various things, then ends with a bunch of messages about stopping things, and then the console just hangs and I can't connect. The status in the Linode manager says it's running.

Any thoughts on what I may have messed up? The console shows (in part) :

  • Starting SystemD login management service [ OK ]
  • Stopping flush early job output to logs [ OK ]
  • Stopping Send an event to indicate plymouth is up [ OK ]
  • Starting system logging daemon [ OK ]
  • Starting Bridge file events into upstart [ OK ]
  • Stopping userspace bootsplash [ OK ]
  • Stopping cold plug devices [ OK ]
  • Stopping log initial device creation [ OK ]

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Hey there,

It sounds like an error is being encountered while your Linode is booting that's causing some services to be stopped as they would be when shutting down.

Without being able to observe your Linode, it's hard to indicate what the issue might be. We recommend running a filesystem check to attempt to clear any errors that may be causing this, as we've seen this be successful for other customers with similar booting issues.

You would do this by restarting the Linode in Rescue Mode and following the step-by-step instructions in this guide.

If there aren't any errors found, and rebooting normally presents the same issue, we'd recommend opening up a ticket with the console output so that Support can take a closer look at the messages to help search for the problem with you. We hope that helps!

Tara T
Linode Support Team


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