Why is my disk reporting as full? I have about 4 GB of data on my disk but my plan has 50GB of storage.

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I ran the du command on my Linode and found that I currently have 3.5GB of data on my Linode. When I ran a df, it showed that I am using %100 of my disk. I should have 50GB of storage for my Linode under the 2GB plan.

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 3623428 3569584 0 100% /

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I see from the output you have provided that the disk you mentioned is currently sized at about 3.5GB, which is why your disk is reporting as full. Our plans outline the maximum size of all disks for the Linode, but you may have disks that are smaller than that mounted to your Linode.

Besides running a df -h command on your Linode and making sure the numbers listed for your disks adds up to the plan total, you can also see the total size of the disks under your Linode from your Cloud Manager. Under the Advanced tab of each Linode, there is a display titled Disk Storage. If this bar is not displaying 100% usage, the disks you currently have mounted are not using the full amount of space available to them under your plan.

To resize your Linode up and take advantage of this space, you will want to follow the directions in our Disks and Configuration Profiles Guide. Once you have increased the sized of your disks, you should see much more space available when you run df -h.


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