Reverse-Proxy for Outside Resource

I would like to follow this guide:

But instead of proxying localhost, I would like to proxy an outside URL such as Can this be done?

The effect I want to achieve is that the subdomain shows the same content as

I just want to know if I'm on the right track using the reverse proxy method, or if there's a more sane way of doing this? Perhaps using rewrites in apache2. Thanks for your advice.

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I've done some research into your questions, and I found a couple of links that sound like they're trying to reach the same end goal that you are. I can't say for certain that any of these are better than your plan, but hopefully some options will allow you to consider a variety of tactics before diving into your project!

I hope one of those links prove helpful and that your proxy redirecting is successful!

Thanks for your reply :) Appreciate the insight.


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