How do I integrate Linode Object Storage in PHP


Do anyone have sample resources for integrating Linode Object Storage in php application? Some examples on creating buckets, add/update images to object storage through API would be helpful.


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I see that you're interested in Linode's Object Storage. Can you please give more detail on how the issue relates to PHP?

In the meantime, I can provide you with sample resources that would get you started. This document provides great detail on how to use Object Storage using various methods.

Seemingly, you are interested in accessing Object Storage via the CLI. Here you can learn about configuring Linode's Object Storage CLI.

We provide some high level programmatic abstractions via our own API, but as the documentation for our own Linode API mentions, the complete storage interface is available via the industry standard S3 API.

The S3 API was originally developed by Amazon, so the the PHP library commonly used to interface with this API is called aws-sdk-php. The documentation for Ceph includes some code samples which illustrate the use of this library.


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