Redirect to SorryApp if Linode goes down

Hi, I am hosting multiple client websites through a Plesk/WHMCS combination off a Linode. I also use SorryApp to display any service status updates for any maintenance/issues that come up. SorryApp has a service feature that allows you to display a custom maintenance or error page that displays updated information if you have an incident going on.

I'd like to display that page (which is not hosted on the Linode; SorryApp hosts it and it's accessible through a URL) in the event that the Linode goes down for whatever reason, so my client's sites still have a status message being displayed instead of just a timeout error. Is this possible with, say, a NodeBalancer? Or are NodeBalancers only for Linode -> secondary Linode? It seems a bit excessive to be paying for the NodeBalancer and a secondary Linode to just point and redirect to a URL.

I know that this is also possible with CloudFlare's Pro plan / Custom Error Messages, but it's a bit steep of a price at $20/month/site.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there,

I did a little research, and it looks like you will need a Pingdom account also. SorryApp will synchronize with Pingdom, and if the site reports back that it's down, it will let the status page know to display that the Linode went down. However, their monthly fees are higher than what Cloudflare charges.

I'm all about keeping my hosting cheap, and this is the most inexpensive way to have a static page for maintenance. You would need to create a second Linode in the same data center, with a static page that your site went down, and use our IP failover option. You don't need to use a NodeBalancer for this. When the Linode goes down for emergency maintenance or something similar, the IP will failover to the other Linode. You could host it on a Nanode for $5/month, much cheaper than the alternatives. We don't charge for the failover option -- it's free :)


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