File size usage mismatch after adding block storage partition to CPanel server

I adding a block storage partition to a Linode VPS that I use to run CPanel/WHM, however I have noticed that WHM software is not reporting the correct disk space usage for the accounts I move to the new partition.

Is that behaviour correct?

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Hey @alenguav,

I know that you posted this a while ago, just making sure that you got an answer to this. I attempted to mimic a similar setup, but I did not run into any similar issues. These were the steps I took:

1.Deployed the cPanel/WHM One Click App, set up a test user

2.Added a block storage volume to the Linode, and mounted the volume as /home2.

3.Rebooted the Linode once cPanel was installed, to make sure that cPanel noticed the new /home2 block storage volume. I am unsure if this step was needed.

4.Moved a user to the /home2 block storage volume, then under the management interface for cPanel, I checked "show current disk usage" which returned the correct storage used as compared to df -h

Are you still noticing this issue/have you managed to find a fix for it?



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