Backing Up A Block Storage Volume

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I'm looking for options to backup my block storage volume. While I'd rather not use "rsync", are there some alternative options that I can try using?

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There are some options that you can consider using, since our Backup Service does not work with our Block Storage option at this time. One option is to create a disk image of the volume and save this your location or another Linode. This can be done by copying the disk over a ssh connection, which we have a guide that can assist you with this process.

Copying A Disk Over SSH

The next option would be to utilize our Object Storage option to backup your storage volume. The one caveat to this is that uploading data from the block storage volume to the object storage volume might be billable and count towards your network transfer quota since this is considered to be outbound traffic. You can reference our documentation for additional insight regarding this particular option.

Object Storage
Object Storage Price & Limitations

Along with these options, there are alternative Linux backup solutions that you can consider using. While "rsync" is referenced in this documentation, this site lists 23 other backup solutions that you can consider trying for your block storage volume.

Alternative Backup Solutions


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