NodeBalancer support for PROXY protocol

Do Linode NodeBalancers support PROXY protocol when talking to the backend, so that I can use transparent TCP proxying and still learn the client's IP address?

I mean this:

Other cloud providers I've tried do support it and it's very useful combined with kubernetes' ingress controllers, both Traefik and Nginx ingress support it.

I don't want to use a HTTPS NodeBalancer, because I'd like to manage virtual hosts and certificates using cert-manager on the kubernetes ingress controller.

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Found the answer, it's mentioned at the end of this post in the roadmap for 2020:

NodeBalancer PROXY protocol support

Hi Linode team, is there any update on this (NodeBalancer PROXY protocol support when the NodeBalancer is in TCP mode)? Similar to the original poster, I'm working with LKE, ingress, cert-manager, and multiple SNI certificates. The lack of PROXY protocol support is surprisingly cumbersome to work around, and is forcing me to evaluate other vendors where such workarounds are not needed and this setup just works out-of-the-box. Thank you.

That's awesome, thanks for the update @phillc. For others searching, there is documentation about this new feature: and LKE-specific annotations here:


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