How do I view all of my invoices using the API?

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Is there an API call or set of calls I can use to view all of my account's invoices?

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You can combine multiple API calls to list all of your invoices. This output can also be used in a more advanced script to generate PDFs or make the output look better. Here is the call I quickly put together:

for i in $(curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $your_token” | jq '.data[] | .id'); do curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $your_token"$i | python3 -m json.tool; done;

Let’s break that down:

First, gather the invoice IDs by hitting the invoices endpoint and then filter the output using jq.

for i in $(curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $your_token” | jq '.data[] | .id’)

For each iteration in the for loop, print the invoice based on the ID we gathered. The ending python3 -m json.tool is optional and makes the output easier to read in a terminal.

do curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $your_token"$i | python3 -m json.tool;

This can be refined or changed using other endpoints to gather invoice items or payments. Here are some endpoints that will help you modify the above call.


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