Different way to install OpenVPN on Linode VPS

Hi, I tried to install OpenVPN on an Ubuntu server using this instruction: https://github.com/angristan/openvpn-install and it work fine.

And then, i found that Linode already has One-click OpenVPN app deploy.

I wonder if these two ways are different? And if so, which ways is better for security and privacy?

Thank you so much.

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Our One-Click Apps are designed to make it easier to install programs on your Linode without you having to do it manually. They're made from scripts which use the same steps as we give you in the guides, so setting up a Linode with a One-Click App is really the same as installing the program (like OpenVPN) yourself.

Here's our introductory guide on these:

How to Use Linode's One-Click Apps

To answer your question directly, one way is just as good as another when it comes to security and privacy because the only real difference in using the One-Click App instead of our guides is that with One-Click the system does the work for you.

We do, however, recommend you look into making sure your Linode is secure. We have a great guide on that here:

How to Secure Your Server


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