Reboot: host56 (2006-04-09)

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Well, host56 panicked in a bad way. It'll be coming back up in a few after I build in the latest updates…


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I think we should make it clear, for those who might be lurking and considering buying a Linode, that Host 56 is the beta Xen host for brave souls only.

The rash of forum posts about Host 56 are not indicative of the normal Linode service.

Yes I second that, host 56 has been erratic, but this is what you potentially sign up for when you get involved in a beta test. My old host before I was part of Xen was great, the only reboots I had were because I kept busting things up.

Big thumbs up for Linode 8)

Agree whole heartedly. Regular UML Linodes are great, stable, and fast. I've made a few wise cracks about Host56 and Xen, but I did sign up for the beta test fully aware that the advertised 99.99% uptime does not apply for the beta testers. The only thing I am running at the moment is a web site and email. I can tolerate not getting spam in my mailbox for a couple of hours. :)

I opened a support ticket about being returned to a normal host, but no one has responded yet.


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