How to Install .NET Core on Ubuntu: Via Package Manager or Via Downloading From Microsoft Myself?


I have a Nanode with Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

I would like to install .NET Core on it,
for both Development and Running projects that I develop.

Is there a way to do it via the Package Manager,
or must I go to Microsoft's website and download it and then install it?

I didn't find in Microsoft's website any mention for package management..

Thank you for your help

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Hi @spaceman,

Fortunately, Microsoft made this painless and published guides for installing .NET Core on Ubuntu 18.04 and several other Linux distributions, using their respective package managers.

I am adding here some information, for the sake of other people who might find this question and answer via google.

I have now completed the Installation instructions that are described in the link that bthompson gave (Ubuntu 18.04 Package Manager - Install .NET Core).

It worked.

To verify it is working,
after finishing installation, run in the command line the program "dotnet".
If you get some result, it means Installation Succeeded.

Regarding the next step, create a Hello World project, and Run it,
using this simple tutorial:

Note that on the left side, above the "Intro" word, you can select one of 3 OSes: Windows, Linux, macOS..
So choose it before you start.

Thank you again bthompson,
I didn't think it will go so smooth.. :)


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