Is linodes prepaid or postpaid?

I deleted my image, but I have already deducted it this month. Will the excess amount be refunded to my credit card?

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Hey @shaonan - happy to clarify this for you. Linode's services are all postpaid at this point in time; meaning, Linode's automated billing system deducts for services used during the previous month. That means that the invoice you received on February 1st was for any services that were on your account from January 1st through January 31st.

Since the services are also billed on an hourly basis, if you deleted the Linode sometime on February 1st, you may see a small invoice on March 1st for the hours it was active. If this happens to be the case, this amount will not be refunded to your card.

If you want to prepay for services, you can always add a balance to your account via your current payment method with the Make a Payment option in the Cloud Manager. As long as you have a positive balance, your bill will deduct from the balance before it deducts from your credit card on file. Here's a link on how to manage your payments:

Manage Billing in Cloud Manager

And here's a link to our guide that goes over our billing system in more detail:

How Linode Billing Works

Hope that clears things up!


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