What is the limit for NodeBalancer connections?

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My NodeBalancer wasn't able to handle more than 10,000 connections. Is there a concurrent limit?

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NodeBalancers have a concurrent connection limit of 10,000. The strength of a NodeBalancer is in handling routing traffic to backend nodes, but we know this solution doesn't work for everyone. To handle more traffic, you would need to utilize additional NodeBalancers or use an alternative method. The most common alternative we see is the use of HAProxy as per the linked guide, along with Keepalived and a shared IP address.

This guide is helpful for general information about NodeBalancers and their strengths and limitations. Our guide to high availability is very useful for a more general overview of availability concepts and how to structure your site or application.

We also have a couple of Linode Community Questions posts that offer information regarding load balancing. I'd suggest this one for a comprehensive overview.


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