How to solve Temporary failure in name resolution

Hello I'm trying to reach an api and the domain is no longer resolving. I've confirmed the api is up and I can reach it from other computers. However all of my linodes cannot reach the domain.

Is there an issue with Linodes nameservers?

It seems to me that all .bg domain names are not resolving.

Any help in resolving this would be helpful.


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Looks like bg has issues with their DNSSEC configuration.

If I remember correctly, resolvers "SHOULD NOT" be strict about this. But some versions and configurations of the resolver Linode uses notably are.

It will hopefully be solved in the coming days as .bg finishes whatever they're doing.

Edit: Someone pointed out to me that .bg started this process in February 2019, if not earlier, but recently made a change that resulted in this issue. I maintain hope that they'll resolve it soon, but I dunno.


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