Load Balancer: Only 1 out of 3 node is Running (UP)


I just setup my node balancer with 3 backend nodes. ( 2 web apps, and 1 for database)

What I did is, setup all the prerequisite of my web application on one node, after all the installation and successful running of my web app. I replicate the node and create two clones on that node.

Every nodes and my web app is working properly.

Then I link all the three nodes on the load balancer, My web app on the load balancer is accessible but only one node is running. The status of two node is always "Down".

Please help me and sorry for my bad english.

Thank you

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I would first check to make sure that the 2 cloned Linodes reside in the same data center as your NodeBalancer. Also, verify that the mode setting for the backend servers aren't inadvertently set to "reject" rather than "accept".

Node Modes

I'd also make sure that your web service is running on both backend servers. Running the "netstat" or "ss" commands should verify if the service is running & listening for connections.

netstat -plant
ss -plantu

I would also check to make sure that there aren't any firewall rules in place on the cloned servers that maybe restricting access to its ports. Running the "iptables" and/or "ufw" command will verify your current firewall rule settings.

ufw status

Lastly, you can open up a Support ticket so we can have a better perspective on our end. Hopefully, the options I've provided sheds some light as to why the 2 backend servers are showing as being down and possibly helps with you resolving the issue.


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