How to Create Folders or Directory inside bucket object

Hi team

Please help me with how to create a folder or directory inside a bucket object in Linode.
I have created a bucket object but inside the bucket object, there are no options to create a folder or directory. There is only an option to upload files.

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Hi there,

I would be happy to offer some clarification here. The reason you are not able to to create folders or directories is because Object Storage does not run on a hierarchical file system like your local machine does.

Object Storage takes the data uploaded to it and forms data pools. Each file that you upload is assigned a unique identifier so you can still search through files with relative ease if you need to.

If you wanted your data to be a little more organized you may need to create a few different buckets to create something similar to a traditional file system.

I hope this information was helpful to you. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Best regards,

Linode Support Team

I did some testing using Cyberduck. I was able to create a folder with files inside, and this folder shows up in the cloud manager.

@dubidub: You can use a / delimiter to create "folders", though they are not folders in a true sense, but rather object keys that resemble filepaths. This would be an option if you use s3cmd or a tool like Cyberduck, as you noticed during your testing. It works similarly to the link you've provided here. We currently don't have the option to create or delete these types of folders via Cloud Manager, but it is on our radar.

You may also use s3cmd and sync command. Create your folders as you like them to appear in the bucket. Then, from the up level folder:

s3cmd sync . s3://your-bucket



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