How do I change the nameservers in the DNS Manager?

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I'm trying to remove the Linode namservers and use a different set of nameservers, but can't seem to get rid of the Linode namservers. How do I do this?

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You aren't able to change the nameservers in the DNS Manager, as the Manager is specific to our servers and can't be used to manage records elsewhere. To move your domain to another set of nameservers, you'll need to change the nameservers on your registrar's site. Your registrar is whoever you bought your domain from (e.g. GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc). Once you make that change, and allow time for propagation, any records you create on the new nameserver will begin to propagate and serve as well.

I registered a domain in linode, but now I want to use cloudflare`s nameservers, how do i replace NS?

Linode is not a domain registry (TTBOMK).

What is the domain name and we'll tell you where it is registered.


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