Install wildcard certificate using LetsEncrypt & dns-linode plugin

I installed
sudo apt-get install python3-certbot-dns-linode
& certbot
also generate api key
having confusitation
basically I generated one TXT record name my apt key & valued my api key

I got this Error

{"ACTION":"","DATA":{},"ERRORARRAY":[{"ERRORMESSAGE":"Authentication failed","ERRORCODE":4}]}

look likes this is Authentication Error but how to Authenticate
api key or ….

please help

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This looks to be due to a known issue that the Linode DNS plugin is not available because it was introduced after the PPA was created.

We're currently working on this to get that plugin added, but in the meantime the following Community Questions post might be able to help you out:

Using Certbot with Linode-DNS for a Wildcard Certificate


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