HA of a nodebalancer (SPOF?)

we have several linodes and other nodes with many apps running on them (web, node servicies, mysql, mongodb , etc) up to 20 servers.
Our current architecture for HA is based on haproxy (in a linode server).
Our concern is that this haproxy is a SPOF. It's really stable and for the last 2 years we haven't had problems, but we have more and more services depending on it and we'd like to improve our architecture.
My question is, Is the nodebalancer product a SPOF? What's the different in terms of HA with my linode haproxy?

Regarding the certificates for SSL, does nodebalancer support automatic update?

Finally, It suposse to support up to 10K connection. If we need more?

Thanks in advance.

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NodeBalancers have HA baked into them. If the system hosting your NodeBalancer fails for any reason, a backup system will take over.

You can update the SSL certificate via the API: https://developers.linode.com/api/v4/nodebalancers-node-balancer-id-configs-config-id/#put

If you need more than 10,000 concurrent connections, you can use multiple NodeBalancers and take advantage of the fact that DNS acts as a round robin.


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