Apache2 segfaults (ubuntu 5.10, latest 2.6 series)

Apache2 is very unhappy (half the processes segfault immediately on starting) if you start a Ubuntu 5.10 image with the 'Latest 2.6 series (2.6.15-linode16 [Experimental]) kernel.

Things seem much happier when I switched to '2.6.17-rc2-linode19 [testing]'

This is a 'clean' installation using the distro wizard, the only changes I'd made were to set the hostname and apt-get install apache2.


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2.6.15-linode16 does not have support for native posix thread library (NPTL) - and therefore no support for thread local storage (TLS).

2.6.17-rc2-linode19 has this support.

To use a kernel that has no NPTL/TLS support with Ubuntu 5:

mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled


Ah, that explains it. Thanks, Peter.

That's the same issue I was having trying to get Fedora Core 4 booted (yes, I know, but I wanted to tinker :). It does boot with 2.6.17-rc2-linode19, after a fashion. It starts in single-user mode (not sure why yet, inittab is defaulted to 3), but 'telinit 3' brings it all the way up.

I've also got a problem with 'unable to open an initial console', but that's probably an artifact of the devfs->sysfs transition that I haven't diagnosed yet. So no login on the console, but ssh works just fine.



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