I'm having trouble buying VPS?

I didn't renew it for only one month before. Without my knowledge, linode automatically updates the bill for several months. I didn't use it in the next few months and didn't know that there was such a bill. It's useless for me. I don't know the situation. Do I have to pay? Is this obviously a despot contract?

My hope is to clear the bills that have been automatically renewed in the past few months? Or does this obviously allow unfair payment? There are four bills in arrears that are not aware of. Please deal with this problem?

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Just like any subscription in life, unless you cancel a VPS, it'll stay online and you'll incur charges.

OK, I have nothing to say to users like this! The old account of 2017 is not my subjective reason!

@lindows365 - In order for us to discuss your particular billing situation, we'll need you to open a Support ticket or send an email to support@linode.com. If you currently have an outstanding balance on your account, you will need to make a payment in order to continue using your account. For more information about how Linode billing works, I'd recommend our billing guide. Once we receive your ticket or email, we'll be able to discuss this matter in more detail.

I also want to note that when posting on the Community Questions site, we ask that you follow our Code of Conduct. We know that this situation may be frustrating, and the community here will help the best we can as long as these rules are followed.


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