Can I see the actual Linode 1-click script that I'm using?

Is there anyway to get a copy of the Linode's one-click script to see exactly whats going on indetail and also to be able to to modify it for my own use in the future? thanks and sorry if this has been asked before.

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Hi @swabler! Yes, you can take a look at the script used for a given One-Click App from within the Cloud Manager. For example, here's the one for our WordPress One-Click App

This post has a list of the StackScripts used for many of our One-Click Apps, and a command to run with our CLI to find a specific one:

If you want to make your own script, we have a guide on StackScripts here:

There's guide on our CLI here, for reference:

Thanks very much mjones!

Thanks very much mjones!


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