How to Create an Image of my Nanode, for Future Restore

Hi all

I have a Nanode with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS,
and I will not be using it for several months.

I would like to create a Disk Image of it, then Download it to my computer, and then Delete that Nanode.

In the future, I would like to re-create a Nanode with the same HW parameters,
and then Restore that Image onto it, so I can continue from where I left.
(I might need to update the IP on that machine, but other than that other stuff should work)

How can I crete an Image that I can Download to my home PC?
(and not via Linode Images, which is something else, that stores the Image in Linode's servers)

Thank you

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The best way to achieve this would be to copy your Linode's disk to your local computer via SSH. We have a guide here that has the steps you'll need to follow. This will allow you to save your Linode's disk off-site, then deploy it to a new Linode when you're ready. From there, you should just need to update your configurations with your new IP address.

Hi jyoo

Thank you very much for the guide.
I read it now, and it seems that it creates a full disk copy, of 25GB of the Nanode's boot disk.
My disk is only 4GB full,
is it possible to create a disk image that will wisely copy only the used blocks from it?

Norton Ghost for example, does this, instead of copying the whole disk inc. empty blocks.. (unless you specifically ask it to include empty blocks)
So is there a way to do it on Linux, via SSH,
so I don't have to copy 25GB?

Thank you

Linux is not Windoze…and the ext4 file system is not FAT/exFAT/NTFS…so your example of Norton Ghost really doesn't apply.

You want to copy the empty blocks, etc because your intent is to make a clone of your nanode as it exists right now when you restore.

If you find something to use besides what's recommended here, you are taking your future ability to restore your Linode into your own hands. Your call…

-- sw


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