FIREHOL and LIGHTTPD doesn't like each other.

OK, I'm getting frustrated… with myself.

This is the fourth time I've reinstalled my Linode, and this time I wanted to try to get it right so I could leave it alone!

I've got Ubuntu running on it now.

I installed FIREHOL and LIGHTTPD with apt-get (Universe).

Here are my FIREHOL rules:

version 5

interface eth0 internet

protection strong

policy reject

server ping accept

server ICMP accept

server http accept

client all accept

I can Ping my box. I can't get on to my HTTP server, however. It says "Cannot establish a connection."

If I open Links on my linode shell and go to localhost, I get my document. If I open Links and try to get in through my IP address ( OR my linode name ( OR my domain name(s) ( /

From my workstation, I cannot get to it by IP or Domain Name(s).

This is wierd. I know it works and is working, I just can't seem to get through my Firehol.

Any ideas?

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What happens if you stop firehol?

Are you sure lighttpd is bound to eth0? It will bind to all interfaces by default, but check your /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf.

And… there it was, clear as day… unless you either (1) don't know what it means or (2) infer that it means something else.

server.bind "localhost"

apparently doesn't me "the server is on the localhost" but means instead "this server serves ONLY localhost."

adds to now overstuffed file labeled "I thought meant _ in Linux, but was wrong

Thanks AGAIN, TehDan. Now, if I can get Ejabberd resetup, I'll be exactly back where I was…

…except on Ubuntu. :D


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