Can I access files stored in object storage via NFS or DVC?

I want to set up some object storage to store files that I need to access from either a Linode server or from systems local to my business.

We have a mixture of windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems.

What are our options for accessing these? (nfs smb, etc)

We want to set up using dvc to store some large files, as well as shared files we use for testing.



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Hi Mabry,

I'm not sure it's possible to natively access Object Storage using NFS or SMB.

Whilst I appreciate it's an additional cost, maybe something like Expandrive? This uses the S3 API but integrates natively into Explorer on Windows and Finder on Mac.

There is also Rclone which has a "mount" option, and has builds for Windows and Mac. Whilst I use Rclone, I've never used the mount option, or used Rclone on anything other than Linux.


The Linode object storage system works with S3 APIs: you might see if one of the S3 FUSE implementations can be used with your Linode buckets (you might look at s3fs – it's free, actively-maintained, and advertises compatibility with several types of object storage sysems). If so, that would allow you to present your Linode object storage to a Linode VM, and from that Linode VM, share the storage out via Samba or NFS.

Main question would probably be "how performant do you need your solution to be?": CIFS and NFS over WAN tend to suck even even when not using user-space filesystem implementations – so, you may not take a noticeable hit fronting a user-space filesystem implementation versus a kernel-space filesysem implementaion. Overall, might not be a great solution, but it would be a path to your goal

Thanks for the tips. I think that dvc can use the S3 API and that may be a good path.

THanks again!

Thanks for the tips. I think that dvc can use the S3 API and that may be a good path.

THanks again!


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